Quick Weight Loss Tips

Fast weight loss is possible and these quick weight loss tips show you how. But be warned, fast weight loss can be challenging. To lose weight loss quickly, you need to make weight loss your top priority. If you want to copy the top contestants on The Biggest Loser, you may need to spend hours a day planning meals and preparing food and exercise for up to five hours a day. These are the best quick weight loss tips.


Commit to radical change. If life as an overweight person is no longer working for you, commit to an exciting new life as fit, healthy, and slim you. You cant be half-hearted if you want rapid weight loss or else you may fail and put on more weight than when you started. The first 3 days are the hardest. Follow these quick weight loss tips for 21 days, and you can maintain this lifestyle forever.

Tip 2

Be organized. Set aside an hour or so each week to plan your meals for the week and another hour to shop for the food you need. This means you will always have the right food at hand and not be tempted to eat something you shouldnt due to hunger or having nothing to eat at home. To save time, cook enough food for two meals, one to have tonight and the other for another night. Always have suitable emergency food in the fridge- eg a low calorie frozen meal which is store bought or home-made.

Tip 3

Count calories. Record everything you eat. Note the calorie content. Soon, you will be able to assess the calorie count of most food you see and be able to make the right choices. Make sure you always take in fewer calories than you burn through exercise.

Tip 4

For the next 21 days cut out all sugar, refined food, simple carbohydrates and trans fats. (After you lose weight, you can eat these foods occasionally, so dont be afraid that you are giving them up forever.)

Tip 5

Eat 3 main meals a day and 2-3 snacks, all keeping within your calorie limit. Good snacks are fruit, low fat crackers or crispbread with low fat ricotta cheese, 10 nuts. Never be hungry. You must eat breakfast.

Tip 6

Always carry with you an acceptable snack for times when you cant have a proper meal, keeping within your calorie limit. This could be a high protein health bar, a piece of fruit or the other snacks mentioned in 5. (See tip 5-Never be hungry.) If you eat the snack, you must include it in your daily calorie count.

Tip 7

Exercise like you mean it for a minimum of 1 hour a day 6 days a week. If you are unfit, start out with walking or attend classes at a gym where a qualified trainer can keep an eye on you. After getting clearance from your doctor and making sure you have supportive running shoes, build up to jogging or running half an hour a day While walking is great for the body and , it burns too few calories to make it useful for quick weight loss. If you can jog or run for half an hour you can burn many more calories. Instead of running, you may prefer to use an exercise bike or attend gym classes. You must do active exercise-yoga and pilates does not burn enough calories for fast weight loss though they are good for relaxation.

Tip 8

Add weight training to your exercise regime . The muscle you will build through weight training will burn more calories. Weight training will also increase your metabolism. Weight training is great for both men and women.

Tip 9

Get out of the I deserve a (food) reward after exercise mindset. By all means reward yourself for sticking to your food and exercise plan but make sure this is not a food reward or you will undo all the good you have done Instead see a film, arrange a facial or massage, meet a friend for active fun( walk by the beach, bike-riding etc) or relax with a no-calorie cold drink-any treat which does not involve food.

Tip 10

Buddy up with a friend to keep each other accountable and to exercise together.